The Fate of Sprocket

Finding Mr. Myth

Kunai explains what the Sidereal are and Gronk learns that he’s being hunted for reasons other than being an escaped slave. Kunai also explains that there’s a non-Gold Sidereal somewhere on the island, and the group decides it is in their best interest not to have one around.

Trevan inquires with Prefect Jonas about the state of affairs on the island. Learns that there’s some heavily guarded shipments of something that is suspicious. Borrows a book of laws from him. Also learns that the annoying Enforcer from Factoria’s name is Surril and is a huge thorn in the side of Traza. He learns of the basic background of the island.

Meanwhile, Professor Helios goes to the library to search for clues of a Sidereal in any history of the island. He discovers an odd inconsistency in the map of the tunnel network below the island with an amazing level of scrutiny.

The group investigates the tunnels and finds a trapped hidden door. Trevan points it out just as Gronk activates it, but it manages not to hurt any one. After traveling past that door, eventually they get to a glowing golden wall.

Professor Helios ascertains that it would not be dangerous to touch it, and does so. The wall opens up. The group walks through and sees a figure working amongst dozens of gadgets. Professor Helios, to his surprise, recognizes him as Professor Smith, who has to be much over a hundred years old by now—he was old when Helios was a student, and Helios is now himself old.

“Uh, are you… Mr. Myth?”

“Smith! Smith, damn it, why do they always get my name wrong?”

Professor Smith was a Twilight caste.



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