The Fate of Sprocket

The Formation of the First Circle

Fate threw together our Exalted into the building where all adventures begin: a tavern.

In the Nuts and Bolts Bar of Traza, commonly rumored to be a hang out for those friendly—or at least not hostile—towards Solar, Kunai was looking for his Cult of the Illuminate contact, Gronk, Bendil, and Professor Helios were just having a drink, and Trevan Eseldor was asking for directions to the location of his political contact, Prefect Jonas, so that he could request for assistance to aid in the defense of Turith.

Suddenly, a short Enforcer burst in with four golems, demanding to know where the Anathema known as Mr. Myth was. When no one answered, he began accusing everyone of being supporters of the Anathema and threatened to bring them all in for questioning. Bendil rose smoothly up to tell the enforcer that he was probably actually looking for the “Bolts and Nuts Inn” in Sicta, while Trevan notices that the golems are marked as Factoria and politely asks if he actually has any authority in Traza.

The Enforcer angrily replies that Factoria has authority over all of Sprocket, just when a Traza Enforcer shows up, overhearing the declaration and denounces it. While the two Enforcers argue, Professor Helios identifies Gronk and Kunai as probably Solar due to their orichalcum weapons, Kunai motions Gronk over for the same reason. Bendil notices this and is always out for adventure, whereas Trevan’s sense to uncover intrigue and avoid this scene causes him to follow as well. The bartender—an Illuminate agent—opens a secret door for Kunai, and the group passes through unnoticed.

They arrive in a dark alleyway near the ground floor of the island. Gronk, growing up as a gladiatorial slave and being not as familiar with the need for discretion, lights up his caste mark to see by. Astonished, the rest of the group also reveal their caste marks and discuss their reasons for being here. They all agree to band together for now, and Trevan forms an oath that none of them would intentionally betray one another.



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