The Fate of Sprocket

Arena of Glamour

The group prepares to free the slaves and locate the manse. Virgilio tricks a tour of the facility out of one of the guards and learns of the layout of the place. Gronk also contributes his memories of the place.

The group waits for the drill to be completed, and with Professor Helios at the helm, they attempt to drill into the prison cells for the slaves. Unfortunately, they miscalculated the distance a bit and rise right into the center of the arena.

“What’s this? We have new combatants entering the arena! And a return of a crowd favorite, Gronk the Unstoppable!” declares a booming voice, the source unseen. The crowd cheered, for the group had just arrived in the middle of ongoing combat.

Suddenly, the drill and the hole shrink and the arena walls rose to be over a hundred feet tall. Glamour was being used. Trevan is the only one to see through it, but has no luck convincing the others that it is not real.

The group fights first a group of dogs with little difficulty. Kunai rescues one of the slaves from the dogs’ attacks before rejoining the battle.

Next, the pit fills up with glamorous water, and sharks are released. Gronk and Kunai begin dispatching the sharks themselves, while Virgilio and some of his pirate followers coordinate attacks against them. Trevan desperately grabs onto a shark and holds on until Gronk kicks it into submission.

Finally, the voice announces the final battle. A horrific huge beast made of moving skin and eyes appears. The crowd flees in terror. Even our stalwart Exalted were afflicted with uncertainty, but they stood firm.

The behemoth was incredibly tough and inflicted some grievous wounds on the Solars, but ultimately the group won and shattered the altered form of the Fair Folk’s Sword grace. But the Fair Folk had one last glamour for the group and escaped as Kunai jumped up to the booth where the voice came from, and Gronk tossed up the remaining members.

The group then freed the slaves in the facility, giving them option of joining Virgilio’s crew. Many of them did.

When the group returned to the arena, they had found that the behemoth’s body had largely disappeared and that the ground had collapsed, revealing the center of the manse. There, a hearthstone of Wood stood.



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