The Fate of Sprocket

The Infamous Pirate and Orihalcum Recovery

When the group checks out the warehouse during daylight hours, they are amazed to see the infamous Captain Virgilio Nobeard. Since the captain was already known for being a Solar and the group needed to recover the orichalcum sunk in the sea, they enlist Virgilio to their cause and also agree that when they free the slaves of Kuz that they will be given a spiel about joining Virgilio’s pirate army as an option.

The group spends the day doing two things:

  • Finding a winch to attach on to one of Virgilio’s ships to hoist back up the orichalcum.
  • Interrogating Enforcer Logan in the mental asylum about where the ship was going and to plot out the likely places the ship had sank. They also learned of an interesting pattern the ship had to sail in order to activate a hidden door.

At night, the group launches their assault to recover the remaining orichalcum. They discover a new type of golem with orichalcum blades during the fight, but handily win it. They recover 200 pounds of orichalcum.

Trevan suppresses his Temperance and writes a forgery using his Linguistics but with Virgilio’s supplied words of Manipulation to make this attack look like a plan involving Surril. When he has tea with Prefect Jonas the next day, Jonas exclaims happily that Surril seems to have been demoted or something, and thanks Trevan if he somehow had anything to do with it.



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