The Fate of Sprocket

There's Apparently Solar Everywhere

The trail led them to Lusin but became cold after the two stepped into the watery parts of the sewer. Trevan, Kunai, and Larsika decide that they’ve had enough of tunnels and go up to the surface.

Surveying the area, it appeared that this part of the city had been wiped surprisingly clean. They see active smoke stacks towards the direction that Professor Smith had been taken—they suspected that this was the source of the rumored war machines. They also spot a new figure with a shield and sword.

The two parties introduce each other. Radiant Oncoming Storm was the individuals name. Storm recognizes some of the artifacts being worn on the group as orichalcum and guesses that between that and the fact that they were still alive that they must be Solar. After checking for intent, Trevan and Storm agree on a mutual non-intentional-betrayal pact bound by an Eclipse-oath and to band together for now.

Just in time for giant corpse creatures and a weird child zombie emitting a whistle to attack them. The group discovers that Storm is Dawn caste and has six arms during the fight, which were put to good use.

They approach the factory and find yet another individual standing in front of the factory, appearing to contemplate how to get in and survive.

The figure introduces himself as Roberts, an “honest” merchant seeking to repair his ship. They agree to band together in return for later helping repair his ship.

Kunai sneaks inside the factory, and discovers a bunch of zombies and Professor Helios. Only Professor Helios was now an Abyssal and had just finished his Bonestrider. He sneaks back out and announces that he has good news and bad news.

“Good news: I found Professor Helios. Bad news: I think he wants to kill us.”

At that point, a huge door opens and out steps the bonestrider.

“Is that Professor Helios?!”

A battle ensues, with the bonestrider wielding a shadow blade and absorbing zombies. Helios rages on about how he had gained true power and that the group was weak for not realizing it.

Everyone but Kunai has difficulty even damaging the vehicle, but Storm and Roberts both defend him from terrible blows of the shadow blade as Kunai used his scythe to break through the bone and decapitate Professor Helios.

Inside the bonestrider were more parts of the warstrider, with items of interest for Storm and Roberts.



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