The Fate of Sprocket

The island of Sprocket is bustling new center of power. With powerful Fire and Water manses near each other, enterprising individuals harnessed the two powers to create a great steam powered city. When the buildings spanned nearly the entire island, they started building upwards and now much of Sprocket consists of interconnected skyscrapers over 90 stories tall.

Sprocket is ruled by a secretive group known as the Regents, whose personal identities are not known even amongst themselves. With an army of Enforcers controlling mechanical golems, they kept order while they jockeyed to gain power for themselves.

Little did they know of Sprocket’s true purpose. And that a greater force threatens Sprocket in its entirety.

You are a recently exalted Solar who has, through various reasons and fates, found yourself on Sprocket. The Realm has little power here, so your natures need not be hidden quite as thoroughly. What are your goals on the island, and how will you achieve them?

The Fate of Sprocket